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Who We Are

BRM Television (BRM TV) is a dedicated television channel from the stables of BLUE ROSE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, a composite Media, Entertainment and consultancy outfit which was essentially set up to bridge the yearning gap between producers/service providers and consumers, government and governed as well as professionals and students. The company deploys the instrument of the media (print and electronic) as agents of change, to achieve these goals through well researched, quality contents.


It was established in Nigeria in 1999, first as an enterprise (Blue Rose Productions) and later incorporated as Blue Rose Media Productions Limited in 2003 with RC No. 472864. The company was founded by a versatile, seasoned administrator and sound professional who has used his wealth of experience to develop the company from almost nothing to the enviable leadership position it occupies in the Media industry today. In May 2020, the company was registered in the United States with the Washington DC government as a corporation.


This channel was therefore developed to beam to the world, the very best of Africa's television content, from current affairs to entertainment, culture and tourism. You are sure to be served the most authentic news from the continent in real time.

Blue Rose Media Productions Limited has a mission to be a leading, quality service provider in broadcasting and other professional areas to include; TV/Radio Content development, Media/Marketing Consultancy, Printing and Publishing, Events and related media, marketing and entertainment services, as well as ownership of Radio/TV channels, manufacturing and distribution of professional equipment for use in Media, Engineering and Science Industries.


We are tapping from this mission statement to ensure the projection of Africa in its true, natural form to the world, through quality contents.